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Our mission is to show students that anyone can learn to trade successfully using a few well chosen indicators and very specific parameters. We also wanted to assist those many investors and traders who needed to be resuscitated after the "experts" lost all of their money! So our course and our business became
Stock Market CPR

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Betsy Hannah

Betsy HannahFor Betsy Hannah, a career in music was a logical path to the musical movement and colorful charts of the live stock market. Throughout her four decades as a professional educator, she created original works, textbooks, private studio and college level courses, has been published, and, as a teacher in the International Piano Teaching Foundation, taught teachers in the Robert Pace Method of Musicianship. She became an expert in group teaching and learning and added extensive training in Neuro Linguistic Programming to her skills. When she discovered stock market trading, she jumped in with both feet and applied the same depth of study she had mastered throughout her career. Betsy's intensive study of the stock market began in 2001, just as her financial planner started losing all of her money. She figured she could lose the money as well as the professional could, took what was left of her money and began what was to become her new career. It became clear when learning to read charts that her poodle, Peaches, could have done a better job than the financial planner. She began trading full time after about 5 years of study: trading stocks and options. Then she started working with the futures and found out that they provide a wonderful way to create profits without tying up cash for long periods of time. They also are a wonderful way to learn charting because of the shorter time frames. Then that learning is easily applied to stocks and longer trades. It's a ball.

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Basic Series - July 2013 Sessions

This class will teach the unique chart trading used by Stock Market CPR.
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Beginner’s Introduction to the Stock Market

Saturday June 22, 2013 If you know nothing about the market except that your money is in it, you need this class.
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